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It's been such a pleasure helping people meet their goals.  Read what others have to say about their experience working with me.

I have truly built a connection with all my clients, it's been a privilge to be a part of each and every one of their journeys.  Each client  has taught me something new and I look forward to new beginnings and new journeys as well as seeing the continued success of past clients.

At 230lbs, I had reached my limit.  I decided to enroll in a gym and begin an exercise routine. However, I knew very little when it came to eating properly. I managed to drop 20 lbs, but knew I had further to go. It was at this point, that I approached Julia, I admired Julia for her past achievements and appreciated her for her determination and commitment to her goals. I knew that she could help me achieve mine.

I approached her for help with my nutrition as I knew there could be improvements where this was concerned. I started the meal plan that Julia made for me in January of 2010, and was down over 30 lbs by April of that year.

Julia’s superior knowledge and motivation are what helped me go that extra mile. I have maintained a weight loss of 50lbs since April of 2010, and with the continued help of Julia, intend to lose another 20 lbs. She is a wealth of knowledge and has more discipline than anyone I know.


Thank you Julia!

- Jennifer Charney

“In May of 2009, I came to Julia with a goal of running a half marathon. To accomplish this I needed to loose 10-15 pounds, and reduce body fat. Julia started me on a clean eating plan lasting 6 weeks that allowed me to become comfortable with a new way of eating. I was suprised that this "clean" eating was providing me with a variety of foods, and was very filling. I was suprised at how full I felt for the first 2 weeks, and found it challenging to stick to the program. Julia gave me the support I needed to get through that hurdle and get to the point where I realised that I was actually hungry for those meals! In mid June Julia switched up my meal plan, and this was the turning point for me! Through hard work and dedication, Julia not only helped me reach my goal, but got me into the best shape of my life! I lost 22 pounds and 8% body fat with Julia's ongoing support, meal plans, and coaching. I finished my half marathon in under 2 hours! My best time ever!! The tools she gave me I will take with me for the rest of my life, and know that she will always be in my corner for all my other life goals. 3 Months on Julia`s meal plans changed my life!

- Jasmin Couville

Got some good news as well, just got back from my physical and my cholesterol isn't an issue anymore - bad cholesterol is back to normal and my tryglicerides are down by 50%. My weight a year and a half (and when I started the meal plans) was 226 and I weighed 210 today. 


There's no way I could have achieved this on my own :)

- Jordan Carlin

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