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Different Time, Different Diet

With all the different diets and approaches to eating these days it's hard to know what to eat, it's also hard to know when to eat and it's even hard to know how to eat! Should I cook it? Blend it?... add to water and drink it!??

There is a lot of info out there to process, and for every study that says one thing there is another study refuting it.

I think about all the extra stresses our bodies go through that our ancestors bodies did not.

Stressors that have little to do with our diets and more to do with our environment which are inevitable to escape from.

Whether you adopt a paleo way of eating, or ketogenic, whether you eat raw, vegan or are a total carnivore there is one thing we all share, the environmental pollutants.

The need to support our bodies is great these days, no one is immune to metal exposure in the environment and or the effects of our poor soil quality.

The need for supplementation has grown as vitamins, minerals and other natural health products all help the body cope with this increased toxic load. We have definitely come to a point where food alone is not enough. Nutrients have been depleted from the soil and therefore have been depleted from our bodies, if the nutrients aren't in the soil, they aren't in the food and if there aren't in the food then they aren't in us.

Taking a multi-vitamin is a great idea, but then the question of; am I absorbing this? arises. Which could also be asked of the nutrients that are in the food, am I absorbing them just because I ate them??

You might be! Or you might not be..... so many factors are involved, is your body at a balanced pH level, when the body is too acidic it doesn't utilize nutrients well. Disease also thrives in an acidic environment so having a balanced pH can help reduce ones risk of disease.

Other factors include:

1) Gut Health

2) Liver Health

(and the list goes on)

This is how cleansing can be so beneficial to overall health, as it can restore gut health and alleviate some of the toxic burden from the liver allowing your body to better utilize nutrients....#winning

Fulvic Acid is a super safe supplement that can help not only balance pH and absorb nutrients by acting as a delivery man bu,t this substance also helps breakdown and rid the body of pollutants like heavy metals and pesticides....#winningagain

I know there are a lot of people who think cleansing isn't needed and if you have a good diet then you don't need to cleanse, they say our ancestors never cleansed why should we? And to that I say.... it was a different time!

Our ancestors were not exposed to the chemicals and pollutants that we are, they also had a shorter life expectancy.

If you've ever walked past a smoker, you have cadmium in your body. If you've ever had an amalgam dental filling, eaten at a restaurant, used drug store brand make up and/or antiperspirant, or used conventional household cleaning products then you've had heavy metal exposure, and once those metals are in they are tough to get out... hence the term "heavy" metal.

Aluminum, lead, cadmium, and mercury are the top 4 common metals, nickel and arsenic are also on the radar. Long term exposure can cause or contribute to a long list of diseases, such as Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders. It can also cause;


Digestive Stress

Aching Joints

Impaired Blood Sugar Regulation

Female Reproductive problems

Over time metal toxicity can damage the central nervous system and cardiovascular system, it can impede kidney function, as well as liver and lung function.

Fulvic Acid is an organic compound that is becoming quite popular as it helps to regulate pH, is a organic electrolyte, it's a natural chelator and detoxifier, meaning it transforms metals so they can exit the body. It's also a free radical scavenger, rendering free radicals harmless in the body.

It's an organic acid which is the end result of decomposed plant matter. It's been naturally fermented by soil organisms thus contains over 70 trace minerals, which makes it a great nutritional aid.

No matter how you eat, this compound can play a key role in general overall health.

When I first learned about fulvic acid I was so excited and I would love to share it with all of you .... for FREE!

If you sign up for my 4 Week Detox program before Sept 30 you'll receive a FREE bottle of Fulvic Acid as well as a cleansing herbal tea to help with liver function.

Click here for more details or email ME with questions.

Note: You do not have to start on Oct 10th/17 if you do not want, that is just for the group support and dual coaching!

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