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Feeling Tired? It's time to Cleanse! *FREE OFFER*

We spend a lot of time taking care of the outside of our bodies and often neglect the inside. But it’s important to realize that the inside of our body takes a beating as well. Our bodies produce toxins from undigested food which can damage cells and organs. As well our bodies are exposed in other ways such as; toxins come from air pollution, cigarette smoke, alcohol, household cleaners and other products, cosmetics, and food additives, just to name a few things. Over time our bodies store these toxins and as they accumulate our risk of illness increases, therefore it is important to rid ourselves of this toxic build up.

A decrease in energy, brain fog, lethargy, frequent illness, skin conditions, gas and bloating are all signs that it’s time to cleanse!

For those who only go to the bathroom once a day, or even worse once every 2-3 days, it’s time to cleanse! That waste product is sitting in your body like if you had garbage sitting in your home an extra week because you missed garbage day! Waste product that sits in your body longer than it should rots and produces toxins, this can lead to water retention and put strain on the liver. I don’t know about you but I do not want garbage in my home longer than it needs to be, nor do I want waste product in my body longer than it needs to be!

There is one concept that is crucial that we should always keep in mind, especially when we are trying to rid our bodies of toxins and that is to make sure that you keep your body in an alkaline state, this where your diet will play a huge role. Different foods leave behind an acidic, such as protein and dairy and other foods leave behind an alkaline residue, such as fruits and vegetables. It is important while cleansing to keep the body slightly more alkaline. It utilizes and absorbs food better in this state and less cellular damage can occur than if the body was more acidic. Feelings of renewal, vitality and heightened awareness often follow completion of the detoxification process. Your body will not only be able to digest food better but assimilate the nutrients from the food more efficiently. A diet high in vegetables and fruits can ensure a proper pH balance, not only for cleansing for also for general health.

Focusing on a whole foods diet is important, as the more processed a food is the less nutritious it can be for you. Vitamins and enzymes get lost with the processing of food and it is important to our health to make sure we consume food that retains these vital components.

It would be a great benefit to keep your fluid intake high during a cleanse as this will ensure that toxic materials are getting flushed out. It is also important for decreasing your chance of water retention. Herbal teas are a great way to increase your fluid intake and offer a bit more excitement than drinking just plain water, and can offer a lot of health benefits as well. However; too much liquid at meal time can impede digestion as it can dilute the digestive enzymes in your gut so it would be advised to drink the majority of your liquid in between meals.

You can use fresh squeezed juices as they are packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants but they offer a greater benefit when consumed immediately after juicing, so this is something you would not be able to prepare ahead of time. Herbal teas are a great asset to cleansing as certain herbs help the body rid itself of toxins especially in the liver, yes supplement can help the body in the cleansing process. Milk Thistle for example can be very helpful for the liver.

Fulvic Acid a great natural supplement will also help the body detoxify out chemicals and other pollutants, this extremely safe plant derived product also acts as a nutritional aid delivering nutrients to the cells of the body while taking away the “garbage”, it’s pretty amazing and is now one of the most popular products you can take for cleansing, and general wellness.

I am excited to be able to offer you an amazing cleansing herbal tea and a bottle of Fulvic Acid for FREE with the purchase of my “4 Week Detoxification Program” before September 30th 2017.

Enjoy and well balanced pH friendly whole foods diet as well as support from me and fellow holistic nutritionist Trevor Kouritzin as we coach you through this program sponsored by our fellow Canadian company Innotech Nutrition.

Please follow the link below and sign up before Sept 30th 2017 to take advantage of the FREE product offer.

CLICK HERE for registration and details! Please contact me with any questions

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