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The average North American consumes an average of only 15 different foods....15!! I can list 15 different types of vegetables alone, and most peoples whole diet is only complied of 15 different foods.  

What does this mean? It means a few things.

Firstly; it means that people are creatures of habit and can't eat outside their comfort zone.

Secondly; it means that people are really limiting the types of nutrients they are being exposed too, and potentially causing deficiencies. 

What's the deal here? Are we scared? Can we not think outside the chicken and salad box? Is it that we just don't know what else is out there?

I shop in a variety of different grocery stores, as I can't find one place that has everything I want.  So I can understand that if you like a particular store that is close to where you live and they don't stock a huge variety of products then you just buy what they have.  

But let's get adventurous people! Think about it, if you are eating only broccoli, string beans, some onions and garlic and the occasional zucchini then you are only getting the nutrients in these food, and if they are low in a vitamin or mineral you will become low.  

That's great that you eat broccoli, but what about rapini, broccolini, cabbage (oh so good for your gut!), Swiss chard, rainbow chard.... kale!! And all the different varieties of kale!! And all the amazing phenols and carotenoids in the coloured vegetables.

Fats/Oils seem to be a big area of redundancy as well ... MMMmm the fats! My fav:). These hormone producing/balancing, lubricating, satiating lipids.... they are so amazing and so important for overall optimal  health.  

We need them for heart health, skin health, joint health, hormonal health and brain health and what do most people do???.... they buy olive oil.  

Now don't get me wrong I love olives and the oil that is pressed from them, but the omega 9 that comes from olive oil does not and cannot do what omega 3 and 6 can, or what the nutrients in other fats such as the saturated fat from coconut oil can do. 

There are so many other oils to incorporate into your diet:

Flax Oil: Omega 3, phytoestrogens, anti-inflammatory, brain health

Camelina Oil: Omega 3, high in Vitamin E 

Hemp Oil: Omega 6, amino acids and phytosterols 

Sacha Inchi Oil:  Omega 3 

Walnut Oil; contains Omega 3 & 6, prevents free radical damage and helps with fatty liver.

Avocado Oil:  Omega 9, beneficial for heart health, has high smoke point so it's safe for cooking.

Coconut Oil: great for killing yeast in the body and energy production, also good for brain health.

Olive Oil is an unsaturated fat that provides a source of Omega 9 which is a very heart friendly fat so I'm am not trying to disway people from buying it but maybe keep 2 or 3 different oils around as a step to having a more well rounded diet. 

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