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What to eat for better hair, skin and nails

Most of us would not complain about the opportunity to obtain better hair, skin or nails. In fact most people would love it, and for some people this is even more of an issue as we are seeing many women with thinning hair, brittle nails and acne.

There is a huge correlation between acne and poor nutrition. A diet high in inflammatory fats such as soy bean, peanut and canola oils will increase acne promoting chemicals in the body.

So we can we do nutritionally to help improve, skin, hair and nail health?

We can incorporate the following foods into our diets on a daily basis;

  1. Oily fish, like sardines and anchovies. This fish provide fats that decrease inflammation and reduce the production of the 2 main acne promoting chemicals. If you prefer not to eat this fish there are lots of supplements that you can buy to gain the same benefits.

  2. Walnuts, these nuts contain a vitamin called Biotin, this b-vit is needed for healthy hair and skin and contribute to faster hair growth.

  3. Lentils, is another great food to eat for hair, these legumes are full of nutrients such as zinc, iron, biotin as well, and these all help protect the strength and color of your hair. Lentils are also full of protein which makes up 97 percent of a hair follicle.

  4. Spinach, speaking of iron, spinach packs a lot of it too. Iron can also help with soft weak finger nails, it’s also great for other nail problems like ridges in the nails.

  5. Berries, I think we’ve all read this in some magazine before but it’s very true. Berries pack a lot of antioxidants, these fight free radicals with can be caused by UV damage, and we all know how bad the sun is now for our skin. So keeping a diet high in berries has a great benefit for skin health and appearance.

Balanced nutrition plays a major role in hair, skin and nail health, any nutritional deficiency can really affect hair health. Taking a good quality multi-vitamin is a great place to start, a multi can help to fill the gaps in our diets preventing a deficiency form occurring. But buyer beware as not all multi vitamins are created equal, so don't be scared to ask a professional which multi-vitamin would be a good option for you. At JK Nutrition all clients are recommended a good quality supplement to ensure optimal health.

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