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Joining the Weight Loss Fun

I have always loved having the support of other like-minded people when I set out to achieve a goal. Although my motivation and personal passion come from within I cannot deny the importance of support. As through my own experiences I have learned to appreciate the encouragement from others in my own endeavours.

In the summer I started a weight loss group so that women could benefit from the support of each other, as they set out on a path to better health. Many of my weight loss clients have similar struggles and concerns so I started the group so that they could all see they were not alone.

We shared recipes, meal ideas and each of us shared solutions to some of the challenges that come up during the weight loss journey. I was also there to answer questions and address concerns for the group. What everyone often found was that when one women had a question they would all benefit from the answer.

What a huge success and rewarding experience it was, to lead this group to achieving better health.

In only six weeks clients lost up to 10+ pounds and multiply inches off their waists and hips.

The challenge was all online, most of the correspondence happened via the Group Facebook page and of course through emails.

There is an exercise component but no gym membership is required. You can do it all from the comfort of your home or outdoors. There were three options for the exercise part so people could work at their own pace a very user friendly program designed for women of all fitness levels.

The meals are basic, leaving room to jazz it up for those with unique taste buds. Two complete plans plus lots of substitutes for each meal were given. I laid out guidelines so those who aren’t very good at following strict plan still had goals that they could focus on.

I gave 1-3 goals each week to focus on so if you didn’t want to follow the plan to a “T” then you didn’t have to. It was all about developing healthy habits for long term fat loss and health. Participants worked at their own pace with my support as well as the support of the other women in the group. Recipes and food list plus other tools were also provided.

I also provided a supplement program with the meal plan and I sent out weekly emails with that week’s goals and instructions.

Participants were free to ask questions at any time. The Facebook group was great for that, I encouraged everyone to ask questions on it so that the others could also benefit from those questions. Plus we used the group to help motivate each other and share recipes on etc, it was great.

I had such great time that I ran another challenge in the early fall and now I am getting ready to run another one!

Keep your eyes out in the New Year as the “New Year, Better You” program will be launching.

Never underestimate the power or unity!

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