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Sore and Achy? Help recover with these 4 Supplements

We all know how important pre and post workout nutrition is, it’s practically as important as the workout itself. Without the proper nutrients to repair the body’s tissues post workout the muscle will be unable to heal itself. But besides just proper nutrition to help heal and repair the body, there are supplements that can be taken to assist with this and in the other reactions that occur during a workout or any intense training. Hormones are released, bodily fluids are lost and free radicals can run wild if not neutralized. Taking account for these things will allow you to keep the body healthy, balanced and ready for the next gym session. Below are a few supplements that can be added to your post exercise regime to ensure a healthy and well functioning body.

Glutamine- This is a single amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body, and this particular one is found in the most abundance in muscle tissue. It has many roles, all of which can be deemed important. It helps feed and support the immune system, has healing properties for the gut and helps to decrease recovery time. It helps to preserve the muscle tissue that you have worked hard for, it’s important for muscle building and the maintenance of muscle tissue. Adding this supplement to you post workout shake can decrease the time you are sore for post workout, allowing you to hit the gym equally as hard the next day.

Turmeric (cucurmin)- This is a herb, the active component of which is called curcumin. Much like glutamine there are numerous benefits to adding this supplement to your arsenal. It has antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties. These are both big bonuses for any individual who overloads or over uses their joints and puts their bodies under physical stress.

This herbs helps to disarm damaging free radicals which are just a natural byproduct of training, it also helps in preventing the formation of them. If free radicals are left to run amuck through your body it can cause tissues to weaken and illness to ensue, as well a buildup of these guys can cause muscle soreness. In terms of its anti-inflammatory properties, it deactivates the immune system cells that cause inflammation, and does so without disturbing any other part of the immune system, such as the part that fights infection. So this is a great supplement to try for anyone experiencing joint pain. Intense training can put the body under a great deal of physical stress which can compromise the immune system so making sure to not hinder it in anyway would be vital to keep the body strong.

Fish Oil- This is a fat, a source of Omega 3 fatty acid. The essential fatty acid known as omega 3 provides you with two key components typically referred to EPA and DHA. Both these components are hard to find in a North American diet and therefore it would be a good idea to consider taking a supplement that would provide you with a source of it. The term “essential” refers to the need your body has for ingesting this oil as it cannot be made by the human body. The oil itself not only helps to lubricate the joints but the EPA helps to decrease inflammation as well, decreasing joint pain. Other benefits include maintaining proper cell wall integrity and playing a key role in producing and rebuilding new cells. This would be important for anyone looking to build some muscle tissue and as well just ensuring proper tissue repair post exercise.

Whey Protein- Whey Protein Powder. This is a byproduct of milk with a very high absorption rate and digestibility. Whey is the most bioavaliable source of protein and is the most useful for loosing body fat and maintaining lean muscle. You can find concentrate whey protein or an isolate whey protein. This refers to how finely the whey was filtered. Isolates are the fasted to absorb as then contain little to no carbohydrates or fats, which makes them ideal to drink post workout as the amino acids (which are the mirco particles that protein breakdown into) can get to the muscles faster. Protein is what fuels the immune system. it is what antibodies are formed from; this is what helps fight infections. It is used to help maintain proper fluid balance, needed for energy, and the repairing of all bodily tissues. So drinking a scoop or whey protein isolate post workout is a great way to ensure that the body receives the right amino acids to repair.


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